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Anyone interested in joining the Quilt Trail by adding a barn quilt on their property is encouraged to contact the Edwards County Farm Bureau to contact the Edwards County Farm Bureau Office at 618.445.2113.  An application is also available through the Farm Bureau Facebook page or via the contact form below.  You can also print the (PDF) application form off to the right and mail it to the address provided to the right.

Basic Barn Quilt Requirements for the Edwards County Quilt Trail

  • Barn Quilts may be a pieced or applique pattern.
  • Barn Quilts must be square. Minimum size is 2 feet x 2 feet.
  • Barn Quilts must be painted on approved signboard.
  • Barn Quilts must be placed on a committee approved barn, building, or other location.
  • The Barn Quilt block must be approved by the Edwards County Farm Bureau Women’s Committee in order to maintain continuity and insure quality of the project.
  • The location of the Barn Quilt must be visible from the road for public viewing and not in a location that will present traffic congestion/trespassing.

Barn Quilt Trail General Contact Form

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